Bonnie N. Collide, Nine to Five #307



Hey guys, I'll be hosting a Making Comics Around a DayJob panel for this year's ComfyCon TOMORROW (Sunday, Nov. 23rd) at 2:00pm with Jeff Zugale and Gordon McAlpin! If you'd like to know how we juggle comics n' jobs, or what the interior of one room in our house looks like, or want to witness Google Hangouts in their purest awkwardness, join us! To view, just follow @ComfyCon on twitter to get the link to the hangout!

Bonnie N. Collide, Nine to Five #303


If you don't move, Bonnie can't see you.

Your Thursday comic this week will be a bit delayed! I thought I could squeeze it inbetween wedding prep for this weekend, but alas THE WEDDING GODS WILL NOT BE DENIED. Not until they suffocate you with threatened cancellations! Overcharged credit cards! Stuff that won't fit into cars to shuttle to the venue! So much fun!

Anyway, I'll see you guys next week. When I'll be all married and shit. :)

Bonnie N. Collide, Nine to Five #217


Yes, that was my way of drawing a "whip" sound - wa-PISH!

CALLING ALL ROLLER PEEPS! If you or someone you know is in derby and wants to be featured in an upcoming strip, now's yer chance! I've got some derby team scenes coming up and I'd love to have some of you all out there as guest stars! If you want to have a cameo, post in the comments below with your derby name and your derby persona - you know, what you're like on the track - crazy, silly, too fast to see, absentmindedly klutzy? I'd love to hear all about it. It doesn't matter which strip you comment on, just let me know you want to be included in the running as one of Bonnie's teammates. I'll pick a few names in a couple of weeks. Thanks for reading, guys!