Bonnie N. Collide, Nine to Five


I apologize for this lame stand in for a comic update today. Preparation for and the aftermath of New Year's kicked my ass and made me lay around and watch Sherlock all day (I really can't complain about that, that show is my new favorite everything). BUT! I mainly wanted to check in and tell you guys about a local comics event I'm hosting this weekend - Bmore Into Comics #2: THE REVENGE! (we're calling it that because Issue #2 was originally cancelled due to snow, so now we have comics vengeance all up in here!) There'll be a bunch of local comics creators there, such as Danielle Corsetto, Rafer Roberts, Melody Often, Kata Kane, Jonathon Eaton … the list goes on and on! I'll be there with Bonnie stickers and books and hanging prints, so if you're anywhere near Baltimore, come check us out! We'll be drinking and chatting and it'll be a fantastic time. Here's the Facebook event page with all the deets!

I'll catch you guys next week with regular Bonnie strips once again!