Bonnie N. Collide, Nine to Five #443

Mimi and Mimi look-a-likes are Slam's kryptonite!

HEY EVERYONE bit of an update - sorry for the only once a week posting over here! The news is I just moved, so I'm now sitting on a crate (on a pillow, because good god those things leave marks) whilst my computer sits on my flat file, whilst I type this note to you! I'd love to unpack a little more, but tomorrow I'm off to Denver, the Land of Spring Blizzards for DiNK, Denver's Independent Comic & Art Expo, which I'm SUPER EXCITED ABOUT. It's run by two very good friends of mine, whose podcast Indie Spinner Rack introduced me to some of the best people in the comics biz I still consider friends! So if you're in the Denver-ish area, please come visit! For the rest of you, I will be unpacking/getting my shit together and updating my Patreon page along the way, but have no fear Bonnie will be twice a week once more! :) Thanks for your patience, happy snowy spring!