Bonnie N. Collide, Nine to Five #510

Werewolves slash bartenders with man-buns, oh my!

Bonnie, Mimi, and Slam watercolor prints are now for sale in my Storenvy and Etsy shops! Proceeds (after shipping) will be donated to one of the following organizations:

  • Planned Parenthood
  • It Gets Better
  • Black Lives Matter

More prints of more characters are coming!

Alright alright alright, let's get this SALE PARTY started! This week you can get 15% off any li'l thing you want in my Storenvy or Etsy Shops with the code DECEMBALLS. I also just added a BUNCH of Bonnie originals to my Storenvy store, yippee!

I'm still working on putting a lot more of them up for sale, but in the meantime if you ever see a Bonnie strip that you're interested in the original of, shoot me an email and I'll check my inventory!