Bonnie N. Collide, Nine to Five #260


Herb knows what's really important. Keep your eyes on the prize, everyone!

Soooo if any of you are in the Bmore/DC area, this weekend I'll be chatting about the fantastic Stripped documentary at Strathmore for “Beyond Text and Line: A Discussion on the Art of Comic Books” alongside other local cartoony types Emily Gillis, JD Deardourff, and Rafer Roberts. Come visit, chat with us, and watch part of our beloved comics industry's history on screen! BILL WATTERSONNNNNNNN!

Oh yeah, and I've still got an Eos Sale going on at my shop! 15% off with the code EOSTRE14 on anythang!

Also also - if any of y'all read (or wanna read) my OTHER webcomic about Greek Gods messing in the lives of college kids, I announced yesterday that the next chapter starts up June 4th! In the meantime I'll be posting fun things leading up to it, some come on over there and hang out to see what's happening.