Bonnie N. Collide, Nine to Five #518

It's always good when someone keeps you updated on their Current Vomit Status. OMG guys what's gonna happen to Stuart?? Every now and then I like to pretend I'm one of you cool kids reading the comic and have no idea what's coming up. :) This is the last strip of the year, so I just want to wish all of you and yours a very happy end o' 2016 and looking forward to a kick-ass 2017. There will be a lot more Bonnie goodness ahead, and as always I love hearing any of your comments and feedbacks and arguing over who the best character is (duh, it's Herb - oh wait I'm not s'posed to pick favorites!). Oh and if any of you prefer to read Bonnie a la Comixology, Issue #8 is now up there for sale!

LOVE YOU GUYS and thanks for reading!