Bonnie N. Collide, Nine to Five #529

Gotta love them nerds who work out! Also, feel free to share any/all of your Dating Formulas in the comments, I find them INTRIGUING.

So I have some big news from Monica Work Land ... which is that after 15 years of having a day job, I will be venturing whole hog into the full-time freelance world! I've been wanting to make this leap for a looooong time (probably for most, if not ALL of those 15 years) but never really worked it out. Now I've got some gigs coming up (more on that when I can share - which will actually be soon!) that will make that possible, and though it's still scary and intimidating I'm super thrilled to be attempting to do what I love full time (more detailed musings on that can be found on my Patreon). I have a feeling I'll be a LOT more vocal (*ahem* desperate) in the future when I mention sales and new book releases and commission specials n' things. Just wanted to give all of you a heartfelt THANK YOU for reading my comics and supporting me along the way - I couldn't do it without m' lovely readers! (and I've already had a few questions about Bonnie, and don't worry, she and the strip will continue!)