Commission Prices

Choose between getting the original, black & white piece or a colored print:

  • 1 figure, black & white – $75
  • 2 figures, black & white – $130
  • 1 figure, color – $100
  • 2 figures, color – $175

**add $60 for each add’l figure in black & white, and $80 for each in color!**


I’m an indie comics creator and freelance designer who loves to tell stories through art.

I’ve often been told I have a “Muppet Face” because I tend to make the face of what I’m drawing. (This can result in a lot of goofy, over-dramatic faces in public.) It shines through in all aspects of my work, especially in the expressive faces my characters are known for.

I've Worked For:

Check out a bunch of my past work in my Portfolio Section!

Commission Policy

I charge 50% up front for commissions, then check in with you and send you progress pics along the way for approval to make sure the piece is headed in the right direction. When it’s alllll finished, I send you a proof of the final piece for approval and, upon confirmation, invoice you for the remaining 50%!

Got something larger/more complicated in mind? Shoot me an email and I’ll send you a custom quote.

Hooray, let’s get started!