Bonnie N. Collide, Nine to Five #553

That's right, I'm opening up commissions for the fall! Since I had to cancel out on going to SPX and ThoughtBubble and New York Comic Con for this year, I wanted to still offer to do commissions to anyone going! (Aaaand since I have a ton of medical bills in my future :/)

I've arranged for friends at the shows to have them available for pickup. OR, if you're not going to any of these shows, I can certainly still mail them to you (I'll just add the price of postage).

And if you're a patron of mine, you get:

  • 10% off for $1 patrons

  • 12% off for $3 patrons

  • 13% off for $5 patrons

  • 20% off for $10 patrons

Shoot me an email to get the party started!

Well whaddya know, a new Bonnie is finally up! :O Sorry for the radio silence, folks. But here's the deal:

I've recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, and I'm just starting treatment for it. I'm going to do my best to keep up with doing comics and, well, life as much as I can throughout this ordeal. I know Bonnie has disappeared but I like to think of it more as "on hiatus". It's not over! I just need to focus on making sure I keep up with Assassin Roommate first, since I kinda need income to live ;). Especially now, when what I can do has been limited. I made an announcement on my IG and Patreon pages if you want to see them, and also on Patreon I've been journaling what this whole shitty mess has been like to go through, in the hopes of helping others in similar situations (and also keeping my sanity).

Anyway, that's what's up, sorry for the delay in posting anything here, it was a real struggle for me to even want to publicly say anything or just keep it under wraps as best I could.

TL;DR - I'm in a shitty situation right now but the comics will keep coming and I love you all for sticking with me, now more than ever. <3