Bonnie N. Collide, Nine to Five #333

SO GUYS I binge-drew a bunch of Bonnie's on this crazy spontaneous blizzard day, so there will be THREE new Bonnie's next week, thanks to my super lovely Patreon supporters! They got me to my $50 milestone, which meant one new comic a month (it says an autobio comic, but I wanted to do an extra Bonnie!). So keep a lookout for them this week on Monday/Wednesday/Friday, instead of the usual Tuesday/Thursday. Want 3 Bonnie's a week more often?

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HEYYYYY GURL HOW YOU DOIN'. I agonized over what tattoos to put on Slam, since all I knew was that his upper half would be covered.

In other news, commissions are now open! If you'll be at Emerald City next month and would like to pick up a drawing from that doesn't have the potential to be covered in coffee and/or lipstick, hit me up! Check here for the deets and examples and fun stuff.