Bonnie N. Collide, Nine to Five #538

Sneak attack!

GAH sorry for all the kerfuffle this week with the comic - apparently the landscapers at my apartment complex took out the internet line while I was off gallivanting at ECCC, and it only just got fixed yesterday. When in doubt, you can always follow my Insta's and Twitter's and FB's and if something like that happens again, I'll always post there in lieu! 

I'm still recovering from said ECCC but it was a TOTAL BLAST ahhhh I had so much fun! Met so many new people, caught up with old favorites, and managed to stay awake for each day of the con AND post-con parties after. Now I'm back and emerged in my first week of full-time freelance work! I'm already scheming to see what more I can do for you guys (more Bonnie's each week?? Resurrect some color strips?) It's terrifying and a new adventure and I'm super thrilled. I'll be sharing more with you guys here and on my Patreon about it, and as always feel free to share your thoughts with me here or there!