Bonnie N. Collide, Nine to Five #224


Happy Gobble Gobble Day! A.k.a. Thanksgiving for all the Americans out there gearing up to stuff their faces on this most holy of holidays. To everyone else out there, hope you're having a lovely Thursday and not reaching for the antacids before 3:00. :)

Sooo tomorrow's the MOST EXTREME SALES DAY OF THE YEAR and I feel like I should participate, so if you go to either my Etsy Shop or my Storenvy one (the Storenvy one has the stickers and books and things, Etsy doesn't allow non-homemade stuff) and enter the coupon code FRIDAYFACE, you'll get 20% off AND I'll throw in a free sticker for fun.

BUT the code won't work until tomorrow - why? Because Thanksgiving should be SHOPPING FREE. Honestly, retailers.