Bonnie N. Collide, Nine to Five


Second team is up now, which we've spent some more quality time with in the comic: The MURDEROUS MUSES!

Led by Captain Lorelei Getmore, the Muses are bursting with energy and rainbows. Their tactic is to outwit their opponents with color, flash, sweetness and then BAM - hit them when they're not looking! And much like their name suggests, they'll come atcha from every creative place imaginable. Since most of the team has already been introduced to us (Bonnie, Mimi, and Molly), we've only got a couple of readers to add - but that doesn't make them any less fierce!

Congrats to all the teammates! (i.e. those lovely skaters who wrote in to tell me their derby stories)

  • Headless Highness
  • Rage Down

Go Muses! The final two teams next week!

Oh, and just a reminder - these represent your little Bonnie comic cartoon self versions - don't worry (and hopefully don't be offended!) if they don't exxxaaaactly look like the REAL you. ;)

(For those of you who might be confused, I put a call out for any derby skaters out there to be a part of the comic - all it took was submitting their name/attitude/photo. I took all the submissions and found them a spot on one of Bonnie's league's home teams. These are the results! :) )