Emerald City THIS Week/Weekend!

Well IT'S TIME, Emerald City Comic Con is THIS Thursday through Sunday! I am still taking commission requests beforehand, though I won't be working on them till the show. So if you'd like one, send me an email (lipstickisspress@gmail.com) and let me know what you want, pencil or ink, and it'll be at the top of my pile while I'm at the show! (You can find commission prices/examples here!) OR you can let me know at the show and I'll let you know my availability!

This year I'm a Guest (wee!) sitting alongside an all-star line-up in Artist Alley at Table I-1

Here are some of the new things I'll have with me - a brand new romance mini-comic called Martial Outlet (available only as a PDF at the moment, but will be in print and on Comixology soon!) and Stucky and Buffy prints.

Hope to see all you Pac/Northerners there! :D

NYCC Commissions and October on Patreon!

That's right, the MOTHER OF ALL CONVENTIONS, the big four day show in the Big Apple is right around the corner! (and always right over my birthday, oy). I'll be at Table P12 in Artist Alley:

Con Commission Prices:

  • Pencil (one figure) - $35
  • Ink (one figure) - $50
  • Pencil (two figures) - $50
  • Ink (two figures) - $75

Patreon patrons get discounts, o' course! $1 Patrons get 10% off, $3 patrons get 12% off, and $10 patrons get 20% off! 

If you're interested, shoot me an email and I'll put you down before things get crazy and I'm all bleary eyed at the convention spilling coffee on everything in my vicinity. ;)

With September coming to a close, that means it's time for my next month of Patreon goodies! Last month focused on posting commission results, lots of daily sketches, and peeks into my script writing and original art prep process.

This month will feature:

  • INKTOBER (ink sketches every day)
  • my own DIY Halloween decorations tutorial
  • Ink wash / water color experiments
  • The start of my werewolf movie reviews!

As always, $1 patrons will get to see the daily sketches, $3 will get the added process posts, and $10 get all that and in depth sneak peeks! Click here to join in the fun!


Commissions Now Open & OTHER FUN NEWWWWS

If you'll be at SPX, Baltimore Comic Con, or New York Comic Con in the next two months and want a commission, pre-order now! Then there'll be no muss, no fuss (no chance of me spilling coffee on the piece while drawing at the show) and I'll have more time to work on it. Just give me a holler, let me know pencil/ink, which character you want, and if you have a preference, please include reference photos! Once you email I'll give ya the paypal address for payment. All sketches will be 8 x 10 on Bristol, $35 for pencil (or $45 for 2 figures in pencil) or $50 for ink ($75 for 2 figures in ink). Yay! (Oh - and Patreon peeps get a discount - become a patron for that and other specials!)

PSST - speaking of SPX and NYCC, I'll be on some panels, yahoo! At SPX I'll be on the Creative Collaboration in Comics  Collectives panel chatting about forming Bmore Into Comics on Saturday from 12:30 - 1:30pm, and at NYCC I'll be on the Kickstarter 101: An Intro to Funding Your Dream Comics Project panel on Friday from 1:30 - 2:30 in Room 1A24.

Come visit!

In February of this year I decided to challenge myself by drawing a hitman a day (all taken from movies, comics, and TV shows). I've placed them all together (along with their memorable quotes) into this "Portrait of a Hitman" mini comic, debuting at SPX! I'll have it available in my store online, or if you're a $3+ patron, you'll get the PDF for free.

The coloring books are back from the printer and look faaaaabulous, I'm so excited about them. The book is still coming along, but check in with my Kickstarter Update page to see the progress as we move along!

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Commissions Open, Calling All ECCCers!

I kind of feel like doing some commissions pre-Emerald City Comic Con this year, WHO WANTS SOME?? It gives me an excuse to do some fun drawing before then and get to see your lovely faces at the show when you come grab your print!

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Monica Gallagher

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Monica Gallagher

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Monica Gallagher

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Monica Gallagher

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Here's the info:

8" x 10" original art, blue (or red) pencil and ink.

1 figure, black & white – $50

2 figures, black & white – $85

**add $35 for each add’l figure in black & white**

All payment up front, via paypal at artemnis at gmail dot com.

Questions? Send me an email at lipstickisspress@gmail.com


I will also be doing commissions at the show, but those might be a little crazy and coffee/lipstick covered - but hey - AUTHENTIC!

***See all the ones I've done here!

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Call for Commissions!

Now that show season is in full swing, I get to do one of the things I like best - commission sketches!

Now, I normally just do them at shows as people come up and order them from me, but this year I wanted to add another level. My next show coming up is the Stumptown Comics Fest in Portland, Oregon (actually, my NEXT show is CGS Supershow this coming weekend, but I don't have enough time to book commissions before that one. :( However, if you're GOING to Supershow, I will definitely still be doing commissions at the show!)

So if you're going to Stumptown this year and would like a commission from me, why not order one in advance? That way you can just swing on by and pick up your piece, rather than waiting and checking back and seeing if I've finally gotten around to it yet. The commissions will be on 5" x 7" Bristol Board, and they'll be $10 for pencil, $15 for ink.

Here's what a typical pencil sketch from me would look like ...

** The photo quality of these isn't great since I took them at shows with my phone. Basically, pencil = blue pencil.

And here's what an inked/graytoned one would look like ...


Here's the handy dandy Paypal button to order. Simply include a note with what you want the sketch to be, or you can always send me an email at lipstickisspress at gmail dot com.

Commission Sketch

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Con Sketches

With Emerald City Comic Con looming on the horizon with its greeny glow, I've finally posted a collection of sketches I’ve done for lovely peeps at conventions over the years! Head over here to my Portfolio Section to check 'em out!

Here's just one of many ...

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