NYCC Commissions and October on Patreon!

That's right, the MOTHER OF ALL CONVENTIONS, the big four day show in the Big Apple is right around the corner! (and always right over my birthday, oy). I'll be at Table P12 in Artist Alley:

Con Commission Prices:

  • Pencil (one figure) - $35
  • Ink (one figure) - $50
  • Pencil (two figures) - $50
  • Ink (two figures) - $75

Patreon patrons get discounts, o' course! $1 Patrons get 10% off, $3 patrons get 12% off, and $10 patrons get 20% off! 

If you're interested, shoot me an email and I'll put you down before things get crazy and I'm all bleary eyed at the convention spilling coffee on everything in my vicinity. ;)

With September coming to a close, that means it's time for my next month of Patreon goodies! Last month focused on posting commission results, lots of daily sketches, and peeks into my script writing and original art prep process.

This month will feature:

  • INKTOBER (ink sketches every day)
  • my own DIY Halloween decorations tutorial
  • Ink wash / water color experiments
  • The start of my werewolf movie reviews!

As always, $1 patrons will get to see the daily sketches, $3 will get the added process posts, and $10 get all that and in depth sneak peeks! Click here to join in the fun!