Call for Commissions!

Now that show season is in full swing, I get to do one of the things I like best - commission sketches!

Now, I normally just do them at shows as people come up and order them from me, but this year I wanted to add another level. My next show coming up is the Stumptown Comics Fest in Portland, Oregon (actually, my NEXT show is CGS Supershow this coming weekend, but I don't have enough time to book commissions before that one. :( However, if you're GOING to Supershow, I will definitely still be doing commissions at the show!)

So if you're going to Stumptown this year and would like a commission from me, why not order one in advance? That way you can just swing on by and pick up your piece, rather than waiting and checking back and seeing if I've finally gotten around to it yet. The commissions will be on 5" x 7" Bristol Board, and they'll be $10 for pencil, $15 for ink.

Here's what a typical pencil sketch from me would look like ...

** The photo quality of these isn't great since I took them at shows with my phone. Basically, pencil = blue pencil.

And here's what an inked/graytoned one would look like ...


Here's the handy dandy Paypal button to order. Simply include a note with what you want the sketch to be, or you can always send me an email at lipstickisspress at gmail dot com.

Commission Sketch

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