May Autobio Comic

It's that time again!

It's May and because I've now reached TWO Milestone Goals on my Patreon page, you all now get one autobio comic per month AAAAAND one colorized Bonnie strip per month!

Here's this month's autobio comic:

Lovin' all the support! And if you want to get MORE STUFF from me per month, become a patron today, weeeee!

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April Autobio Comic


For those of you who don't know, I have a Patreon page where lovely fans/friends/supporters can chip in $1, $3, or $10 a month to get extra goodies and support the creation of my comics. As part of Patreon, you set some milestone goals and if that monthly amount reaches those levels, you provide extra fun things.

On mine, at $50 I promised a monthly autobio comic. That goal was reached a couple months ago (for the first one I just added two new Bonnie comics that month) and NOW my second milestone goal has been reached TOO! The second one is to color one Bonnie strip per month, hooray!

So now you all have a monthly autobio comic AND a colored Bonnie strip each month, thanks to the kind folks who are supporting me. This is why I love sites like Patreon - they allow us creators to do more each month and enable you all to be directly involved.

SO ANYWAY thank you all so much. To check out April's autobio comic and to become a patron, click here!

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Hitmen Pin-ups Week 4

Wee, the last and FINAL WEEK of my daily Hitmen Pin-up drawings is done! This was a super fun challenge - well just the drawing part, finding hitmen was surprisingly easy. Let me know which one you guys think turned out the best. I'll post a mondo huge compilation of all of them, too.

If you're interested in buying a print of any of them, they'll be available for sale to my Patreon patrons! So if you'd like a print, just chip in a wee $1 a month and you can purchase one!

Hitmen Pin-ups Week 3

Week Three of my daily Hitmen Pin-up drawings is done! This week was the first time I let myself re-draw a few of them, which ALWAYS turned out better than they'd been initially. Which makes me think I should've done that for ALL of them, but whaddya gonna do. This is a daily challenge, and if it takes me too long I probably wouldn't do it!

And again ... to follow along each day, head to my Instagram, Twitter or Tumblr's. And if you're interested in buying a print of any of them, they'll be available for sale to my Patreon patrons! So if you'd like a print, just chip in a wee $1 a month and you can purchase one! And lemme know whatcha think so far!

Here they are!

Commissions Open, Calling All ECCCers!

I kind of feel like doing some commissions pre-Emerald City Comic Con this year, WHO WANTS SOME?? It gives me an excuse to do some fun drawing before then and get to see your lovely faces at the show when you come grab your print!

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Monica Gallagher

[/one_half] [one_half last="yes"]

Monica Gallagher

[/one_half] [one_half last="no"]

Monica Gallagher

[/one_half] [one_half last="yes"]

Monica Gallagher

[/one_half] [one_half last="yes"]

Here's the info:

8" x 10" original art, blue (or red) pencil and ink.

1 figure, black & white – $50

2 figures, black & white – $85

**add $35 for each add’l figure in black & white**

All payment up front, via paypal at artemnis at gmail dot com.

Questions? Send me an email at


I will also be doing commissions at the show, but those might be a little crazy and coffee/lipstick covered - but hey - AUTHENTIC!

***See all the ones I've done here!

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Hitmen Pin-Ups Week 2

Week Two of my daily Hitmen Pin-up drawings is complete! Let's see ... this week I learned that sometimes it's better if I just sketch the way I would interpret a character, rather than trying to make it actually look like them. Eh, mixed results.

And again ... to follow along each day, head to my Instagram, Twitter or Tumblr's. And if you're interested in buying a print of any of them, they'll be available for sale to my Patreon patrons! So if you'd like a print, just chip in a wee $1 a month and you can purchase one! And lemme know whatcha think so far!

Here they are!

Hitmen Pin-Ups Week 1

Week One of my daily Hitmen Pin-up drawings is complete! So far it's been a fun challenge, even though I'm a little embarrassed at all the flaws each time I post them. BUT every sketch is a one-chance only, no redo's or take-back's, so there you go, drawing style of mine!

To follow along each day, head to my Instagram, Twitter or Tumblr's. And if you're interested in buying a print of any of them, they'll be available for sale to my Patreon patrons! So if you'd like a print, just chip in a wee $1 a month and you can purchase one! And lemme know whatcha think so far!

Here's a compilation for y'all:

Hitmen Pin-Ups

I've decided to celebrate the lovey-dovey month of February, I'm going to do a drawing of a hitman a day in my sketchbook! Each one taken from movies, tv shows, whatev's I can think of. Follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or Tumblr's to see them! Oh hell, even my Facebook page if that floats yer boat!

And if you're interested in buying a print of any of them, they'll be available for sale to my Patreon patrons! So if you'd like a print, just chip in a wee $1 a month and you can purchase one!

Up first - La Femme Nikita! The Peta Wilson version, since she was my FAVE. She did love her crazy colored glasses oh so much.

Yet MORE Goddess Prints

. . . Because you can never have enough drawings of Greek Goddesses, right? Or, like my classmate in college said when I turned in yet ANOTHER Greek Mythology-themed piece - "Typical Gallagher subject matter". ALL THE GODDESSES ALL THE TIME!

You can find all of these Power Ladies in either my Etsy Shop or my Storenvy one!

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Emerald City Con Recap & Sketches!

Yayyyy it's good to be home! Well, kind of. It was really nice getting to see the gorgeousness of the west coast again, and traipse about in Seattle's perfect (PERFECT) weather and pretend I lived there. I'm therefore always a little sad to come home again.

Comic conventions are always a gaggle of emotions and experiences for me, and after they're over it's good to get to relax, but also hard to relax when you've been so motivated and inspired to DO MORE COMICCCCSSSS all weekend. That is just part of the delicious nature of this comic beast - get all ramped up and exhausted creating stuff, then spend a weekend yelling and laughing and discussing comics all weekend, then flop home exhausted, but still wired and inspired to do more comics stuff once again. Sigh. Sometimes it's hard to sulk back to my day job after such experiences, remembering I have some Clark Kenting to do in my real life until comics become my real life.

Every convention I try to do better at The Thing I Am Worst At - i.e. promoting myself and networking with fellow comics peeps. This year I think I did a bang-up job, even though it wasn't without it's awkwardness (Yes, I did splash myself in the face with water as I was talking to someone). To put things in perspective, last year at ECCC I spent a lot of time hiding out in my hotel eating my meals alone. So this year it was bound to be better! Plus, it didn't hurt that I found some beloved comics peeps I've hung out with before, and they allowed me to chat within their orbit and meet others through them.

I think I've learned one of the most important aspects of networking - just try to be a pleasant human that's in the conversation. Just stand there, absorb, and most importantly, ask about and listen to the other people. Don't push yourself or your work on them. Participate, be a good conversationalist, enjoy the moments, and hey, maybe they'll remember you next time. And don't beat yourself up if it doesn't work. Or rather, if you THINK it's not working. True, you may get into an annoying situation where the other comics peeps pretend you don't exist or that you've somehow invaded their elite comics party, but sadly that's the nature of the beast. All of us creators are socially awkward in SOME way, and it's best not to assume others are maliciously being tool bags, just unintentional tool bags. (Plus you can quietly go home and unfollow them and they'll NEVER KNOW.)

Okay, enough of my convention musings. All of you guys who came by and chatted with me and told me you read Bonnie and/or Gods & Undergrads (and didn't hit me for not updating it for a while) and bought sketches and did things - you're all so wonderful. THANK YOU for being the awesome people I'm lucky to have as readerssss!!

Let's get on to the sketches! I was really happy with this bunch, they were so much fun to do.

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Staple Stuff

As always, I had a FABULOSO time in Austin at Staple last weekend, even though I think I made the mistake of staying at my hotel too much (what can I say, I'm one of them introverted types) and therefore, the hotel workers were getting a little TOO familiar with me. "Ms. Gallagher, would you like another bottle of wine this evening?" Um ... I could be all "You don't know me!" but clearly, he did.

I had a blast chatting about comics, meeting new people, and even being included on a Webcomics Marketing Panel! Even though sometimes I get a little stage frighty, I LOVE being on panels and getting to chat about comics to a larger audience. This one was moderated by Mr. Boundless Energy Richard Whittaker, I got to chat with Jeremy The Artist, Jason Poland, and Kennon James.

It seemed like most of the questions from the audience were in regards to HOW to start a webcomic - i.e. what platform to use, what tools, how much web design do you need to know, etc. One thing we all seemed to agree on was to just start DOING. Start creating, and whether you post stuff via your phone camera and uploading to a newly created Tumblr page, or scanning and posting stuff on your own website/blog, the important thing was to just get started. No matter what, it won't be perfect and it will continue to evolve, no matter how much you plan and think you've thought of everything from the start. That's why I figure it's best to just do, go, draw, write! Nothing will be perfection, and everything will change, so you might as well kick it into gear and start!

As always, Chris "Mr. Staple" Nicholas put on a really fun show that I feel like highlights some of my favorite things about Austin - friendly people, oodles of creativity, and endless things to see. I sat next to super talented ladies Diana Steig and Anissa Bryant, who were kind enough to share their food supply with me and take me out on the town. And I even got to catch some of the Oscars and snark about them with Chip Zdarsky!

Here are the fun sketches that lovely people asked me to do:

Now I get to gear up for the next show . . . Emerald City Comic Con at the end of this month!

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Holiday Cards for 2013

Since the holidays are almost behind us now, here's a peek at the cards I designed for this year . . .

For friends and fam, a picture of our cats in all their usual festive befuddery. On the left is Zeke (aka Ginger Monster), and on the right is Amelie (aka Hamburger Face).

And for business associates, Bonnie doing what she does - plowing through obstacles, no matter how festive!

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Wonder Woman Movie Time

In light of the success of Hunger Games, there's all these amazing comics screaming WHY ISN'T THERE A WONDER WOMAN MOVIE OUT (here for Kate Leth's and here for Kate Beaton's). I couldn't resist adding my amazon outrage to the pile :)

And yes, those X's are for the boobs they cut off to shoot better. Y'know, like Amazons do!

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Fall Prints

I couldn't resist drawing these little guys while I was watching Django last night. Yay Fall!

You can find these for sale as prints in my Etsy Shop or as mugs and prints and tote bags in my Society6 shop. *PSST! If you want FREE SHIPPING and you're not getting a Framed Art Print, Stretched Canvas or Throw Pillow, use this link!*

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Pieces in Progress

Just in case you guys don't already know this, since I'm working on a book for Oni in the background and I can't give you guys comics EVERY day (just Tue-Thu for Bonnie and Wed for my travel journal comic, which ain't too shabby!), I post a lot of my work in progress on my Instagrammers and Tumblrrrs pages. I'm always down for comments and questions on my process, tools, plans, whatevs! So feel free to chat.

Like this kinda stuff:

Come join the party!

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Maine-iacal Vacay

Whew! Back from a whirlwind of vacations across states. What started off as an anniversary vacay in one of my favorite places, Rehoboth Beach, immediately led to Vacation #2, in Bar Harbor Maine. Now, since I'd only previously been exposed to Wintertime Maine in the past, it was refreshing to go and not need a parka or know how to walk on ice. Plus, y'know, it was gorgeous.

For once I remembered to bring my sketchbook along, and even did a wee bit of sketch-journaling. Here's an excerpt from my journal, regarding the disappointing whales that we never got to see (a wall of fog just happened to materialize every time we tried to go on the whale-watching cruise). Those jerks.

Since I also need to work on my figure drawing, I tried to snag a few body parts when no one was looking.

Oh well, at least Maine still carried the good stuff in its local store!


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