Hitmen Pin-Ups

I've decided to celebrate the lovey-dovey month of February, I'm going to do a drawing of a hitman a day in my sketchbook! Each one taken from movies, tv shows, whatev's I can think of. Follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or Tumblr's to see them! Oh hell, even my Facebook page if that floats yer boat!

And if you're interested in buying a print of any of them, they'll be available for sale to my Patreon patrons! So if you'd like a print, just chip in a wee $1 a month and you can purchase one!

Up first - La Femme Nikita! The Peta Wilson version, since she was my FAVE. She did love her crazy colored glasses oh so much.

Goddess Transition

In my series of Greek God prints, while slowly adding more gods/goddesses, I decided I also wanted to update my Artemis print.

I always picture Artemis as an athletic redhead with brown skin traipsing through the underbrush. But something about this drawing (which I did years ago) always bugged me - she looked too friendly, her clothes were too bright, I dunno. Not to mention the fact that I suck at drawing shoes.


Here's the updated, broodier, more covert version. I like her much better. Like she's a secret ops goddess of the forest.

If you want to check out these or any of my other prints, check out my Etsy Shop for the latest and greatest. More gods and goddesses coming soon! (probably later today ...)

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Happy New Yaaaar's!

Happy end of 2012, everyone! I'd like to celebrate by sharing a few of the Christmas commissions I've been working on lately ...




Now, a SPOILER WARNING for the images below ... as I've blathered on about before, I'm currently obsessed with Game of Thrones (on book 5 now, yippers!). My brother is too, and for Christmas wanted to do some drawings featuring the characters. BUT these may be a spoiler for anyone who is reading the books and isn't past Book 3 yet, so tread further at your own risk!

I decided I wanted to do a series of Game of Thrones SUPERTEAMS, so for now I've just drawn these two:



I have a bunch of ideas for other ones I want to do in the future. Why? Because -- OBSESSED!!

Anyway, I hope you all have a shiny glittery New Year's Eve tonight (I believe this is a night for as many sparkles and as much make-up as you want to wear, as is my custom). Catch y'all on the flipside!

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