Goddess Transition

In my series of Greek God prints, while slowly adding more gods/goddesses, I decided I also wanted to update my Artemis print.

I always picture Artemis as an athletic redhead with brown skin traipsing through the underbrush. But something about this drawing (which I did years ago) always bugged me - she looked too friendly, her clothes were too bright, I dunno. Not to mention the fact that I suck at drawing shoes.


Here's the updated, broodier, more covert version. I like her much better. Like she's a secret ops goddess of the forest.

If you want to check out these or any of my other prints, check out my Etsy Shop for the latest and greatest. More gods and goddesses coming soon! (probably later today ...)

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Gods & Undergrads Is Back!

Hooray! Gods & Undergrads (my weekly webcomic about a girl at college and her Greek God relatives) resumes again today! I'll be posting a page a week, every Wednesday. Today there's a special block of pages to get the engines rolling!

Click here for the latest and here for an archive of everything so far!

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Gods & Undergrads Returns!

For those of you who don't know, I started doing comics way back in 2000 with Gods & Undergrads, my first foray into webcomicking. (and for those of you interested in my process, I go into the details on my four part process for creating comics here!)

Gods & Undergrads is the story of Lelaina Pentheus, a college sophomore. At the beginning of the comic, she's applying for residency on campus. And over the course of 2 1/2 books, Lelaina meets friends, falls in and out of love, and discovers that her relatives are Greek gods.

When I first started G&U, I was pretty regular with updating the comic. But, over the years my updates grew more and more sporadic. Many people stopped reading, many people yelled at me, and most people suggested I stop doing this comic already. So while all that was happening, I worked on other comics and even created a NEW webcomic - Bonnie N. Collide, Nine to Five. Buuuuutttt ... well, I never wanted to stop doing good ol' G&U.

I'm just not finished with the story yet. What makes it awkward is how much the story and the art and the style have changed over the years. Even though I look back at the earlier pages (and the later, let's be honest) and I cringe, I'm going to keep plowing ahead until ... well, until the end.

Anyhoo. This is a LONG, drawn out way of saying that where we last left off in the story:

What crazy shenanigans are going to happen to the undergrads of Troy University next? Find out DECEMBER 12TH, when Gods & Undergrads continues!! Wooooo!

In the meantime, here are some links to help you catch up/start the story:

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