Maine-iacal Vacay

Whew! Back from a whirlwind of vacations across states. What started off as an anniversary vacay in one of my favorite places, Rehoboth Beach, immediately led to Vacation #2, in Bar Harbor Maine. Now, since I'd only previously been exposed to Wintertime Maine in the past, it was refreshing to go and not need a parka or know how to walk on ice. Plus, y'know, it was gorgeous.

For once I remembered to bring my sketchbook along, and even did a wee bit of sketch-journaling. Here's an excerpt from my journal, regarding the disappointing whales that we never got to see (a wall of fog just happened to materialize every time we tried to go on the whale-watching cruise). Those jerks.

Since I also need to work on my figure drawing, I tried to snag a few body parts when no one was looking.

Oh well, at least Maine still carried the good stuff in its local store!


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