Commissions Open!

That's right, Summer's almost over (haHA Summer, don't let Fall hit cha on yer way out!) so that means Baltimore Comic Con and SPX are right around the corner! And because they're local (and precious) to me, I WILL BE AT BOTH. I hope you will all come visit me, but in the meantime, I've opened up my sign up sheet for commissions! 

  • Pencil (one figure) - $35
  • Ink (one figure) - $50
  • Pencil (two figures) - $50
  • Ink (two figures) - $75

Patreon patrons get discounts, o' course! $1 Patrons get 10% off, $3 patrons get 12% off, and $10 patrons get 20% off! 

If you're interested, shoot me an email and I'll put you down before things get crazy and I'm all bleary eyed at the convention spilling coffee on everything in my vicinity. ;)

Staple Stuff

As always, I had a FABULOSO time in Austin at Staple last weekend, even though I think I made the mistake of staying at my hotel too much (what can I say, I'm one of them introverted types) and therefore, the hotel workers were getting a little TOO familiar with me. "Ms. Gallagher, would you like another bottle of wine this evening?" Um ... I could be all "You don't know me!" but clearly, he did.

I had a blast chatting about comics, meeting new people, and even being included on a Webcomics Marketing Panel! Even though sometimes I get a little stage frighty, I LOVE being on panels and getting to chat about comics to a larger audience. This one was moderated by Mr. Boundless Energy Richard Whittaker, I got to chat with Jeremy The Artist, Jason Poland, and Kennon James.

It seemed like most of the questions from the audience were in regards to HOW to start a webcomic - i.e. what platform to use, what tools, how much web design do you need to know, etc. One thing we all seemed to agree on was to just start DOING. Start creating, and whether you post stuff via your phone camera and uploading to a newly created Tumblr page, or scanning and posting stuff on your own website/blog, the important thing was to just get started. No matter what, it won't be perfect and it will continue to evolve, no matter how much you plan and think you've thought of everything from the start. That's why I figure it's best to just do, go, draw, write! Nothing will be perfection, and everything will change, so you might as well kick it into gear and start!

As always, Chris "Mr. Staple" Nicholas put on a really fun show that I feel like highlights some of my favorite things about Austin - friendly people, oodles of creativity, and endless things to see. I sat next to super talented ladies Diana Steig and Anissa Bryant, who were kind enough to share their food supply with me and take me out on the town. And I even got to catch some of the Oscars and snark about them with Chip Zdarsky!

Here are the fun sketches that lovely people asked me to do:

Now I get to gear up for the next show . . . Emerald City Comic Con at the end of this month!

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Pieces in Progress

Just in case you guys don't already know this, since I'm working on a book for Oni in the background and I can't give you guys comics EVERY day (just Tue-Thu for Bonnie and Wed for my travel journal comic, which ain't too shabby!), I post a lot of my work in progress on my Instagrammers and Tumblrrrs pages. I'm always down for comments and questions on my process, tools, plans, whatevs! So feel free to chat.

Like this kinda stuff:

Come join the party!

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Maine-iacal Vacay

Whew! Back from a whirlwind of vacations across states. What started off as an anniversary vacay in one of my favorite places, Rehoboth Beach, immediately led to Vacation #2, in Bar Harbor Maine. Now, since I'd only previously been exposed to Wintertime Maine in the past, it was refreshing to go and not need a parka or know how to walk on ice. Plus, y'know, it was gorgeous.

For once I remembered to bring my sketchbook along, and even did a wee bit of sketch-journaling. Here's an excerpt from my journal, regarding the disappointing whales that we never got to see (a wall of fog just happened to materialize every time we tried to go on the whale-watching cruise). Those jerks.

Since I also need to work on my figure drawing, I tried to snag a few body parts when no one was looking.

Oh well, at least Maine still carried the good stuff in its local store!


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Call for Commissions!

Now that show season is in full swing, I get to do one of the things I like best - commission sketches!

Now, I normally just do them at shows as people come up and order them from me, but this year I wanted to add another level. My next show coming up is the Stumptown Comics Fest in Portland, Oregon (actually, my NEXT show is CGS Supershow this coming weekend, but I don't have enough time to book commissions before that one. :( However, if you're GOING to Supershow, I will definitely still be doing commissions at the show!)

So if you're going to Stumptown this year and would like a commission from me, why not order one in advance? That way you can just swing on by and pick up your piece, rather than waiting and checking back and seeing if I've finally gotten around to it yet. The commissions will be on 5" x 7" Bristol Board, and they'll be $10 for pencil, $15 for ink.

Here's what a typical pencil sketch from me would look like ...

** The photo quality of these isn't great since I took them at shows with my phone. Basically, pencil = blue pencil.

And here's what an inked/graytoned one would look like ...


Here's the handy dandy Paypal button to order. Simply include a note with what you want the sketch to be, or you can always send me an email at lipstickisspress at gmail dot com.

Commission Sketch

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Sketches and a Shirt

For my friend's birthday, I made sketches of some Game of Thrones characters ...


And then put them on a t-shirt with her nicknames for the characters.

She thinks the way Jon Snow says "pups" is funny, that Melisandre is the hottest woman on the planet, and for some reason still isn't won over by Peter Dinklage, becuase she claims he always used to play jerks so she hasn't gotten over that yet. Don't worry, we'll win her over to Team Tyrion soon ...

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TV Sketches

Totally obsessed with re-watching all of Wonderfalls lately. It contained so many qualities I look for in a show - eccentric characters, slapstick, plot twists, and of course, cute boys:


I apologize for the abrupt interruption of Webcomic Week last week - it was derailed by the fact that it was my birthday and I decided to stretch out the celebrating as long as I could. But I'll post the next entry later today!