Con Sketches

With Emerald City Comic Con looming on the horizon with its greeny glow, I've finally posted a collection of sketches I’ve done for lovely peeps at conventions over the years! Head over here to my Portfolio Section to check 'em out!

Here's just one of many ...

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Spirit Guides

My latest idea for a fun project to work on, which capitalizes on my fondness for characters, is to create little mini Spirit Guides. I'm taking a bunch of my all-time favorite characters from movies and TV shows and re-imagining them as inhabiting certain qualities I wish I had, or just wish I had on a particular day. For example .... Here's Margot Tenenbaum.

She's someone I view not only as the mopey playwright created by Wes Anderson (whose style I drool over), but as someone who possesses certain qualities I wish I had. Sure, she's sneaky, purposefully vague, and not the most loyal. But she's also romantic, resourceful, and unabashedly enigmatic. She's found a way to control her misery in a way that remains appealing, as easily as she carves out spaces in her bathroom and a museum to be her private sanctuaries.

Each Spirit Guide I create will be colored, printed, and assembled similar to my Giles Print:


They'll be hangable, so they can be displayed wherever you need them. At work, at home, in the kitchen, in your gym locker, wherevs. I'll post the finished ones as I do them, but in the meantime here are some more characters I can't help but love ....