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My first two Spirit Guides are done!

Ron Swanson

Since I want them to be portable and hangable, I glued the prints to thin sheets of wood, attached a piece of jute cord to the back ....

... and then I added just a few key qualities of the spirit guide to the back.

I'll post some photos of Ron once I've assembled him too, but for now Margot's up in my Etsy Store!

Spirit Guides

My latest idea for a fun project to work on, which capitalizes on my fondness for characters, is to create little mini Spirit Guides. I'm taking a bunch of my all-time favorite characters from movies and TV shows and re-imagining them as inhabiting certain qualities I wish I had, or just wish I had on a particular day. For example .... Here's Margot Tenenbaum.

She's someone I view not only as the mopey playwright created by Wes Anderson (whose style I drool over), but as someone who possesses certain qualities I wish I had. Sure, she's sneaky, purposefully vague, and not the most loyal. But she's also romantic, resourceful, and unabashedly enigmatic. She's found a way to control her misery in a way that remains appealing, as easily as she carves out spaces in her bathroom and a museum to be her private sanctuaries.

Each Spirit Guide I create will be colored, printed, and assembled similar to my Giles Print:


They'll be hangable, so they can be displayed wherever you need them. At work, at home, in the kitchen, in your gym locker, wherevs. I'll post the finished ones as I do them, but in the meantime here are some more characters I can't help but love ....