Fog = Paradise

I'm not sure I'll ever learn the proper way to come down off of the high that is vacation. Especially when I've come back from a magical place that contains almost all of the things I desire in a locale: mountains, overcast skies, moody weather, and lots and lots of wine.

But anyway, enough of that. On to BUSINESS!

I've got a convention sneaking up on me (the Baltimore Comic-Con, to be exact) so for the next buncha days I'm going to be once again documenting my table set up ideas. ALSO, I'm going to be braving taking on a craft project - what's that you say? Taking on a new project right before a show? Stupid? Reckless? Why yes, yes it is. So tune in for all the attempts/mishaps/(fingers crossed) successes coming up over the next few days.  In the meantime . . .

Here's the beginnings of my next Horror Heroine print! Can you guess which movie she's from?