Trial and Lots n' Lots of Error

When embarking on a haphazard crafting journey, here are some important things to remember: Step 1. Survive JoAnn Fabrics. Despite the fact that the fabric-cutting lady already told you you're doing everything wrong and Suzanne Vega is on the radio (which has been  proven to cause migraines).

Step 2. Try to look like you're knowing what you're doing. While aimlessly meandering around picking up thread and fabric glue and buttons.

Step 3. Keep cat away from everything. Always. He will inhale an entire spool of ribbon when your back is turned.

Step 4. Stay positive, even when you realize (as you've realized before) that you're no good at measuring in any form.

At the end of the day, at least I've got a couple of color combos I'm excited about trying: