Small Boob Awards: Katina Choovanski

Like a lot of the ladies I give out the Small Boobs Award to, this one also doubles as a Kick-Ass Woman. Katina Marie Choovanski, aka Katchoo, is one of the main characters of Terry Moore's Strangers in Paradise - an epic, amazing series about ladies in love, assassins, intrigue, and best friends.

I first fell in love with Katchoo because she was petite, gorgeous, had HUGE bags under her eyes, chain smoked, and was always pissed off. It was the first time I'd seen a female character in a comic book allowed to be real - in all her good, bad, and awkward moments. Strangers In Paradise (and Terry Moore) is given a lot of credit for its depiction of real bodies, mainly because of the tall, realistically busty Francine. But since I am on the flat-chested side, I tended to relate more to Katchoo.

Plus you don't get too far along in the series before you find out she can hold her own in a fight, and used to work alongside a slew of assassins. That's pretty much everything I want in a story - realistic, relatable characters and secret organizations full of female assassins. With some scenes of junk food eating and TV watching thrown in, to boot.

Here's a blurry picture of a sketch I did of Katchoo back in 2009, when I finally got to meet Terry Moore in person:

There are very few characters who've influenced my comicking as much as Katchoo. I'm so lucky I got introduced to her when I did.

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Small Boob Awards: Cobie Smulders

I used to love me some How I Met Your Mother. You guys remember when that show was funny? When as a viewer you could delight in the witty banter between friends in a bar and marvel at the time-bending plot devices they used just to tell a simple story? Before everything got dragged down into the swirling vortex of a terrible, terrible plot device, i.e. Ted, i.e. the entire premise for the show.

One of my favorite things about the show was Cobie Smulders's character Robin and her Debbie Gibson-era Canadian heritage. Back in the beginning, her being Canadian wasn't just something they'd throw in for shallow laughs, but slowly peppered into her daily behavior to make her cool girl news anchorwoman get taken down a few pegs and become progressively more human. I loved Robin's initial descent into dorkery. And even though lately I've been hate-watching the last season of the show on Netflix (because most episodes are pretty bad), I was delighted to find one bright spot in an episode about Robin.

The episode starts off with an older Robin apeing Ted's typical opener of addressing his future children with a story he's going to tell. Robin starts relaying a tale to HER future kids of how she found out she was pregnant, and then not pregnant, and as the episode continues, she receives the news that, in fact, she can never HAVE kids. Once she realizes this she addresses the kids from the beginning with a "and that's why you don't exist" and they fade away. I loved that even though this was an upsetting discovery for Robin, her character has always maintained a lack of desire to have kids or to be a mother in any capacity. And even in the small amount of time when she thought she was pregnant, she held steadfast to that opinion. It was refreshing to see them let her remain that way when I'm certain many other shows would've had her character become "miraculously" pregnant at some point.

So here's to Cobie Smulders, who I look forward to seeing cast in more ass-kicking roles as that of Agent Maria Hill in The Avengers. But hopefully with more screen time.

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Small Boob Awards: Claire Danes

I feel like Claire and I are spiritually connected. Sure, she's immensely cooler and more successful, but we're the same age and both of us have small boobs. That's enough to bind us, right? When My So-Called Life was on TV it was so eerily close to what I was feeling and wanting to feel at the time. But in that paradoxical way, as it is when you're a teen, I loved and admired and hated it all at the same time. There were times when it was a bit too close for comfort, and then there were times when I was outraged my life wasn't as exciting as the adventures Rayanne was always dragging Angela into.

Claire was also Juliet when I was 16 and coming down from a Shakespeare high (though I was more into the 1968 film), Mirabelle in the movie version of Shopgirl, the book of which I adored, and in a zillion other things for which I give her mad props.

Anyhoo. Claire is immensely talented and I could listen to her ugly cry any day. Three cheers for Homeland!

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Small Boob Awards: Sutton Foster

The first time I caught a glimpse of Sutton Foster, I'm embarrassed to say it wasn't in any of her amazing, Tony Award-winning performances on Broadway. Nope, it was in Flight of the Conchords.


But yet, just by that small performance alone I was able to immediately recognize her when she showed up in my latest fave new show, Bunheads. Her comedic timing and facial expressions are what really do it for me, but I also love that she's tall, gangly (though pure muscle from all that dance), and she's on my team. And even though it's an annoying pre-requisite that apparently any woman in the media with smaller boobs has to constantly be told they have smaller boobs (see: every episode of Bunheads so far), I still relish the fact that we've got another one on our side. Go Team Small Boob!

Er, boobs. You know what I mean.

Past Small Boob Award Winners:

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Small Boob Awards: Sandra Bullock

It's Small Boob Awards time again! It's not every day, but once in a blue moon I come across someone who's on my boob team, and in the spirit of keeping up with Small Boob Solidarity, I like to mention that person on my blog. It's not much in the way of accolades, I know, but I'm sure they appreciate it.

Today's entry - SANDRA BULLOCK!

I'm a Bullock fan. Way back from the days of Speed and While You Were Sleeping, I've been very loyal. I applauded her dark turn in Murder by Numbers. I cringed when I saw her go through The Proposal and All About Steve. I forced my friends to watch The Net with me.

One thing I've never thought about her was that she was on my team. And by "my team" I mean "had boobs of equivalently tiny size as me". Even though this has been a theme of hers in her movies.

"He was a lot like me. Dark hair, flat chest."

Then I was going on an obsessive Craig Ferguson binge the other week and caught some of her hilarious appearances on his show. And almost every time she kept hitting the small boob comments!




So I'm not sure if that's been beaten into her over the years of Hollywood living, but regardless, I'm happy to have her on our team. Congrats, Sandra! Way to class up the joint.

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