Small Boob Awards: Claire Danes

I feel like Claire and I are spiritually connected. Sure, she's immensely cooler and more successful, but we're the same age and both of us have small boobs. That's enough to bind us, right? When My So-Called Life was on TV it was so eerily close to what I was feeling and wanting to feel at the time. But in that paradoxical way, as it is when you're a teen, I loved and admired and hated it all at the same time. There were times when it was a bit too close for comfort, and then there were times when I was outraged my life wasn't as exciting as the adventures Rayanne was always dragging Angela into.

Claire was also Juliet when I was 16 and coming down from a Shakespeare high (though I was more into the 1968 film), Mirabelle in the movie version of Shopgirl, the book of which I adored, and in a zillion other things for which I give her mad props.

Anyhoo. Claire is immensely talented and I could listen to her ugly cry any day. Three cheers for Homeland!

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