More Spirit Guides

I'm chugging along with my next print project, so here's a peek at the next couple of Spirit Guides I've finished and have in the queue .... What's a spirit guide, you ask? Wellll, it's just my latest idea for a quirky way to celebrate some of my favorite characters, and package them in a portable medium that could be displayed anywhere! That way, people wouldn't have to deal with the age-old question floating around prints - to frame or not to frame? With these cute little hanging prints, they can dangle wherever suits your fancy!

Ron Swanson is my Spirit Guide is finally up in my Etsy Shop!

Next up is Roger Sterling, who's progressed from this:

... to this! He's almost done and ready to go on the market.













Next up is Joan Harris ....


I'm still not sure if I'm going to go ahead with the Sawyer and Anna Lucia and Herman Blume prints I talked about here. I love them as characters, but I'm not sure my drawings do them justice. I'm going to hold off on finishing them until I tackle some of these other characters that I've been dying to draw.


Weekend Warrior

Whew! Quelle weekend! First things first - I'm starting to transition stuff over to a new Etsy store (one that has a more reasonable name than "Artemna", which is what my store is currently called), and I just placed my Mad Men Greek Myth prints up there! In a couple weeks there'll be nothing left in the Artemna shop, so come join the party over at LipsticKissPress!

I've got loads of news and updates and fun. But allow me to take a moment to gush about how wonderful all the people were who came by to stop and chat and purchase things at my table at the Baltimore Comic-Con were this weekend!

I usually don't like to harp on the fact that I'm a woman making comics (*gasp*!) but luckily for every douchebag that comes up to me and ridicules my stuff (especially Boobage - mature, right?), or asks me if I'm the comic artist's girlfriend, or just wants to take a picture with me but not read any of my stuff ... there are families, dads, moms, kids, teachers, fellow comickers, and comics fans who come by and make it all worthwhile. They tell me they identified with one of my awkward stories, enjoyed the gore of my assassin comic, or are as much of a Greek Myth nerd as I am. And that just puffs me up with happiness and makes me want to do so much more. So thanks, everyone!

The Greek God wrist cuffs were a HUGE hit, I'm so thrilled! I have more gods and designs and plans to do custom orders soon, so stay tuned!

In other upcoming news, Bonnie will resume updating next Wednesday, August 31st. Mark your calendars! And look for Gods & Undergrads to resume soon, too.

Now - on to the sketches I did this weekend!

As always, if you'd like a commissioned piece of artwork, contact me and we can chat!

The Stacey to My Claudia - Time For Another 30-for-30!

I have this great friend at work who's always convincing me to broaden my fashion horizons. To put it into Baby-Sitter's Club parlance, she is Stacey (fashionable, classy, cutting edge) where I am Claudia (wacky, artsy, easily bored with my wardrobe). She was the one who first suggested to me, a year ago, to try a 30-for-30 with her. It was August, we were hot and bored, and the only good things about that time of the year (according to me) were Mad Men and Shark Week. So we timidly stepped into the 30-for-30 arena for the first time, just doing it during the work week and still feeling restricted and self-conscious. Then, this February, we gave it another try (a real try, for 30 days, for reals - you can see my recap here), and it finally clicked and felt something more akin to fun than torture. And soooo, since this fashion blog I read announced it was starting up again, I thought .... 90+ degree weather? Boredom setting in? Summer blues hitting me before summer starts, without Mad Men and sharks to distract me?

I'm totally in.

Here we go peeps, the Summer Edition of 30-for-30! And no fun scarves and layering to experiment with this time, it's gonna be crrrazy!