More Spirit Guides

I'm chugging along with my next print project, so here's a peek at the next couple of Spirit Guides I've finished and have in the queue .... What's a spirit guide, you ask? Wellll, it's just my latest idea for a quirky way to celebrate some of my favorite characters, and package them in a portable medium that could be displayed anywhere! That way, people wouldn't have to deal with the age-old question floating around prints - to frame or not to frame? With these cute little hanging prints, they can dangle wherever suits your fancy!

Ron Swanson is my Spirit Guide is finally up in my Etsy Shop!

Next up is Roger Sterling, who's progressed from this:

... to this! He's almost done and ready to go on the market.













Next up is Joan Harris ....


I'm still not sure if I'm going to go ahead with the Sawyer and Anna Lucia and Herman Blume prints I talked about here. I love them as characters, but I'm not sure my drawings do them justice. I'm going to hold off on finishing them until I tackle some of these other characters that I've been dying to draw.