30 Days with a Pin-Up

Ahh, another 30 for 30 is finally at an end. 30 days of me trying desperately to match the same ol' clothes in new and interesting ways, and wishing I owned more interesting accessories. 30 days of me cursing clothing items I previous loved, because of their lack of flexibility.

So for this 30-for-30, I decided to up the ante and add a further challenge - to pose like a pin-up each day. Specifically, like the Queen of All Pin-Ups, Bettie Page.

Here are some of the things I learned while I set a timer and took anywhere from 10-20 awkward pictures of myself each day:

  • Shoulders back 24-7
  • Sticking your boobs out really hurts your back after a while
  • I definitely have a "side"
  • America's Next Top Model had some useful posing tips
  • You are never as fat as you think you are
  • You are never as skinny as you think you are
  • It's all in the angles
  • I'm not as coordinated as I thought I was
  • There are constantly bruises and scrapes on my legs (and I'm not even in derby at the moment!)
  • It's really, really hard to try to make this shit look pretty

Bettie is impossible to emulate - she truly was the best at what she did. She managed to make every single pose look effortless, sexy, and fun. Three cheers to Bettie for making this swelteringly hot summer a little silly and infinitely more fun.

Summer 30-for-30: Day 30!

Photo of Bettie from bettiepage.com It just wouldn't be an accurate depiction of me if I wasn't putting on lipstick. Or, if there wasn't a cat somehow in the picture.

All done! Finish line! 30 for 30! This is a pretty big day for me - the 30 are done and I just finished my book!

I'll be posting about what I've learned through the process of working on this graphic novel for almost a year and a half, as well as a recap of all these 30 outfits. (As well as what I've learned by making an ass out myself for the last 30 days). BUT for now - I think celebratory tacos and wine are in order.

Summer 30-for-30: Day 29

I really think something's gonna need to happen with these shorts. They definitely need a trip to the tailor. For some reason (especially in this picture) they're really starting to remind me of elephant legs .... and that's just not cool.

ONE MORE OUTFIT TO GO! Check back for it later today!!

orange shirt - Gap, shirt - H&M, shorts - Gap, shoes - Steve Madden, belt - Express


Summer 30-for-30: Day 28

I was wearing a necklace the first 5 times I posed for this picture, but then my cat found it and it had to be removed from sight. Whoops.

This is probably one of the most iconic Bettie images. Although I can't really aspire to be as magnificent and fun-loving as she is here, I can at least be glad the photo was bright and blurry enough to hide my underarm stubble. (It's the little things.)

shirt - H&M, belt - Doubledutch Boutique, pants - Express

Summer 30-for-30: Day 27


Oh Bettie. How I wish I was out on the beach with you, twirling my toes in the white sand and making fierce poses under a palm tree. Sidenote: I'm glad you also have a problem with hair poofiness in the heat. Makes you seem more human.

shirt - H&M, tube top & belt - Doubledutch Boutique, skirt - Express, pumps - Bandolino, necklace - Target, ring - The Zone



Summer 30-for-30: Day 23

Photo of Bettie taken from celebs101.com

This summer 30 for 30 is no joke. I way underestimated my need for cardigans and/or pants. So, since I'm on day 23 and haven't worn one of my assigned cardigans once, I've swapped it out for a white tube top today just so I could look like a candy striper. And pants?? Thanks to this swelty heat wave, looks like I'll be limited to a 10 for 30 for the next couple of days.

Oh, and BTW - I've started a Pinterest account if anyone's interested - a beautiful way to showcase all the things you love, influences, ideas, in one place. I just started, so c'mon over and follow me, if'n you want!

shirts - H&M, belt and shorts - Gap