We Did It!

WE DID IT!! The book has been funded, thank you all SO MUCH for your support! It was a crazy ride, but a lot of fun to see so much support and excitement from so many of you readers out there. For the next few months, I'll be posting progress reports about the books on my Kickstarter page - so you can check in there to see how things are going. And if you didn't get a chance to be part of the campaign, it'll let you know when you can get a copy too!

And on to Seattle!

I almost got some Bonnie and Gods comics up for you guys before I left, but sadly ran out of time during the inking phase. Curses! But that just means double double updates next week!

And just a reminder for all you peeps attending Emerald City Comicon this weekend, I'll be chillin at table E-11! ;) Come by and I guarantee you'll get to see me shoving food into my face. Because that's what I always seem to be doing when people come up to talk to me at cons.

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Summer 30-for-30: Day 23

Photo of Bettie taken from celebs101.com

This summer 30 for 30 is no joke. I way underestimated my need for cardigans and/or pants. So, since I'm on day 23 and haven't worn one of my assigned cardigans once, I've swapped it out for a white tube top today just so I could look like a candy striper. And pants?? Thanks to this swelty heat wave, looks like I'll be limited to a 10 for 30 for the next couple of days.

Oh, and BTW - I've started a Pinterest account if anyone's interested - a beautiful way to showcase all the things you love, influences, ideas, in one place. I just started, so c'mon over and follow me, if'n you want!

shirts - H&M, belt and shorts - Gap


Summer 30-for-30: Day 21

Today at work, I was spied doodling during a meeting. This man asked me, "You were a graphic arts major, weren't you?" "Yep." "You look like one." It must be the bright orange belt. Gives me away every time ...

Shirt - H&M, skirt - Express, belt - Gap, necklace - Target, and - not to be a snob - but I TOTALLY got this leather cuff in Florence. ;) Woot. Place-dropping.


Summer 30-for-30: Day 13

Once again, a surprisingly difficult pose for me to mimic. I think it has something to do with the whole chest-up-ladies-out-chin-down combination that I'm struggling with. I have no idea how Bettie makes it look so natural. One of my favorite things about seeing the variety of Bettie poses is you can really tell how athletic and muscular she was. Models of that era really strike me as having the dancer's physique. As opposed to now, where slim, slim, slim with little to no muscular definition is in. Bettie looks like she's going to step off this platform and go do a backflip.

cardigan - Gap, belt - Doubledutch Boutique, shirt/skirt - H&M, shoes - Steve Madden

Summer 30-for-30: Day 7

(Bettie photo from www.bettiepage.com) Sitting like a pin-up is starting to really hurt my back. I think because I'm trying to overcompensate in order to get the girls out front and center. It's no joke, trying to pose like Bettie! The chick had some moves. And some curves. Ow.

Shirt - H&M, necklace - Red Envelope, pants - Express, shoes - Steve Madden


Summer 30-for-30: Days 4-6

Okay, so I admit it - I spent most of the weekend in pajamas, curtains drawn, avoiding the outside. So there was a bit of a lapse in my 30 outfits posting. BUT! I've re-enacted the few outfits I did manage to pull on: (Photo of Bettie taken from here)

Shirt - Mina's Gallery & Boutique, jeans - Gap, shoes - Guess

(Photo from thebettiepage.com)

Tube top & belt - Doubledutch Boutique, cuff - Fisticuffs Leather, shorts - Target

(Photo from bettiepage.com)

cardigan - Gap, shirt - H&M, belt - Doubledutch, skirt - Express, shoes - Kenneth Cole

So you may have noticed the nice big empty space behind me. Or, rather, the one clean space amid all the clutter with a curious square painted on the wall. That's because this weekend I began Stage 1 of my Project Big Calendar. Stage 1 involved turning an ordinary wall ...

... into a chalk board!

Stay tuned as I see how effective my paint job really was, and how writeable this puppy will be!


Summer 30-for-30: Day 3

Look out, we're already on to the chair poses! This wasn't the most comfortable thing to do in a desk chair. Plus, it has wheels, which left me rolling away Dr. Evil-style every time the camera timer was about to go off. And look! A glimpse into another filthy corner of my office!

I'm probably going to use a lot of images I found from the Bettie Page Official site, www.bettiepage.com, so I may as well just link them every time.

Shirt - H&M, belt - Doubledutch Boutique, pants - Express, shoes - Kenneth Cole, necklace - Target, leather cuff - Fisticuffs Leather.

Summer 30-for-30: Day 2

I am not the best poser. I'm already getting a little bored with the few poses I can muster that aren't completely cringeworthy, and I worry about how I'm going to make it through this 30-for-30 without boring everyone (myself included) to tears. So I'm thinking ... why not make it a little more interesting by turning to one of the most famous posers for inspiration every day? That's right, I'm talking about Bettie Page - Queen of the Pin-Up! So each day of my summer 30-for-30, not only will I be remixing outfits like crazy, but I'll attempt (and I do mean attempt) to mimic one of Bettie's famous poses for each day.

(Disclaimer: Please keep your expectations of my mimicry low, since I am not a raven-haired, busty bombshell)

Here we go - Day 2!


Oy, this is going to take me so much longer each day.

Shirt - H&M, belt - from my mom, skirt - H&M, shoes - Bandolino