Hopeless Slackass

Okay, I admit I got the title for this post from an episode of Frasier (yes - I loved Frasier!). Frasier was out shopping for a replacement recliner for his father and was so dismayed at the brand name "La-Z-Boy" that he said: "I wonder what they call the deluxe model - the Hopeless Slackass??" Tee hee. *ahem* So anyway ...

Work and comic fun has disrupted my normal derby practice and exercise regime, so now I'm trying to bust back into it so I can start making real progress. Plus, a friend of mine has recently developed an interest in derby AND this friend used to work out quite a lot, so she's been sharing some exercise advice with me. I don't know about y'all, but one thing I desperately need help with is my core. The plank kills me, and in derby you have to depend on your core muscles a LOT (hello sprawls and falls!) but it's one of those things where it seems like an impossible area to develop.

She passed along a couple of links:

Truthfully, I haven't tried any yet, but I'm excited to. I've also discovered EA Fitness for the Wii, which is much more challenging than Wii Fit and features a lot of leg-heavy exercises that are great for building up skating muscles. I was annoyed that the exercises still seemed hard after all the derby practice (squats, then jump squats, then lunges, then jump lunges in a row??) but it can only make things easier in the long run. I've found that it's only when doing some endurance drill that stretches on forever, just as I'm considering giving up, that I'll notice I'm a wee bit stronger than I've been before. Oy - what a feeling. :)

Feel free to share your exercise regimes - I need all the help I can get!