Club Foot

I'm getting back into derby practice hard core this week. Work and comic stuff have kept me away for TOO long. Now when I set skate on the track I feel sluggish, gawky, and way too timid. This is unacceptable. Tonight we did endurance drills and I got winded - sure. Then my skates spoke up to remind me that I need much more padding in my skate to be comfortable. I attempted to tape up the blisters - but I have not the gift.

We did blocking-endurance-blocking and I got some great advice about taking a hit. See - normally, when I take a hit I fully accept it and fall down. Why? Because I'm scared of resisting. Well, maybe that's not totally true - sometimes I resist. Buy when someone REALLY creams me, I just let myself be knocked into oblivion, and try to get up as quickly as I can. Because then, at least, there's no lasting injuries.

But when one of the blockers who's personally creamed me several times told me to resist - and I did - and DIDN'T fall down ... what a great feeling. Another mystery of derby beginning to be unlocked!

(then someone kicked me in the ankle and I sat out the rest of practice, but it's all good!)