Gods & Undergrads 4.1.44

Book 4 > Chapter 1 > Page 44

...UGH and that's all she (me) wrote! That's it for Gods & Undergrads, folks. I have a LOT of feelings on the subject, which I might bore you all with someday soon - for now I'm taking care of a back that no longer likes me and wants to be my friend. Thank you all SO MUCH and big squishy hugs for reading this comic since ... 2000??? The year 2000! Man, it has been a looooong time and I've had so much fun stringing this story along and hangin' out with the Troy Univ crew. I hope to bring you all a new iteration soon, but it will be a NEW iteration, and not the same story redone.

So again, thanks so much for reading and keeping me going on this for all these years! And if you don't already, please do check out my OTHER webcomic, Bonnie N. Collide! She's fun, you'll like her.