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Whoops, been a while since I posted the recap to Book 1. Here's the recap to Book 2! (which, hey if you want to read in full-color book format, is recently back in print!) But if you'd like to read all of Book 2 online without spoiling anything, click here!

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Character Spotlight: HERMES (GOD)


Since Hermes was the first god I thought about bringing onto the college campus scene, he definitely holds a special place in my heart.

Hermes from mythology books was always described as tricky, sneaky, out for a good chuckle. Sure, he had his wrathful moments too, but all in all he was a pretty loveable guy. He traveled a lot, got involved in everyone's shit, and just generally kept things exciting. It wouldn't be weird to rename him the Gossiper of the Gods.

Hermes starts out in the comic as sort of just a lay-about, who floats around Lelaina's periphery and pretends to teach her stuff. Also, he spends a lot of time sleeping around, because this new world is pretty exciting to him, right? Unfortunately, he immediately kicks off a casual relationship with Neil . Which on the one hand, it gives Neil the confidence to get fully out of the closet. But because Hermes is a fickle creature (hello - a god), as soon as he's got him he throws 'im back to the wolves. Apparently I view singledom as a wolf pit. All you hot, wolfie singles out there, hollah! So anyway, Neil is heartbroken and devastated since this wasn't just his first relationship with a guy, but one with a guy-god. I imagine that messes with your emotions a tad. But then again, because this particular god was a dick to him, it could make it easier not to compare the next relationship.

ANYHOO, recently Hermes led Anthony down to Hades, fulfilling his role of guiding lost souls to the land of the dead. That's kind of his one real job, next to delivering messages and annoying Lelaina. On the way to Hades, he has to convince Anthony that he truly IS dead, which isn't the easiest thing to do. Then he has to sllooooowwwwly make his way back to Lelaina, to get to her before crazy stuff does.

I think Hermes has had it pretty easy so far, and the next chapter might make him have to pay a little bit more attention. What do you guys think?

And don't forget - if you have a character you'd like to nominate for Best God or Best Undergrad? Lemme know in the comments below!

Character Spotlight: ANNEKE (UNDERGRAD)


Anneke is a combination of three people I met in college while looking for a place to live on campus.

One was a friend of mine from high school who was always super athletic, outgoing, and had the cutest short haircuts of all time. Another was a girl I met through a friend, and was for a short time a potential roommate. The last person was a REAL life Anneke, who also happened to be confident and have cute short hair. In case you're curious, she pronounced her name "Ah-na-ka", which is how I pronounce it in my head. Sorry if you're attached to thinking/saying it as "A-knee-kee"!

Anneke starts out as just being the Cool Girl Who Knows Everyone and helps get Lelaina to come out of her shell. Well, she's also The Girl With A Hot Brother Who Works in Campus Housing and The Girl With A Cool Arrow Face Birthmark. Thanks to Book 3 Chapter 1, we finally know now why Anneke has that weird face tattoo-y thing. And Lelaina, for that matter ...

Once Anthony disappears, Anneke's role changes from someone who is just an all around open, friendly person. She becomes obsessed with finding him and protecting the rest of her siblings from harm. It's only then we discover that she's not just an undergrad - she knows a few things about what's going on in the god side of the world too. Then she confronts Artemis and all hell breaks loose.

Anneke's already had to deal with her brother's death, her own connection to the gods, and her inability to enact revenge on Artemis. Now she's stuck along with everyone else wondering what's happened to Lelaina and if she, too, is gone for good.

I love Anneke because she's cool, trusting, a devoted friend . . . and yet I'm not quite sure what she's up to.

Have a character you'd like to nominate for Best God or Best Undergrad? Lemme know in the comments below!


For the first activity in our ramping up to June 4th (i.e. when Gods & Undergrads returns), the focus is on CHARACTERS! As in, who's your favorite? What do you think's gonna happen to them? Who do you want to live? Who do you NOT want to live?

Feel free to:

  • Nominate your favorite character for the BEST GOD or BEST UNDERGRAD award
  • Ask me a question about a character
  • Submit fan art of a character

Post your thoughts/questions/opinions in the comments below, and send me your fan art here. Once I have a good number of responses, I'll post the results in one big heap of Character Goodness! So hopefully you guys have some stuff to say. Or some stuff to draw! I'd LLLLOOOOOVE to see your interpretations of the G&U gang!

Scroll on down below to get a look at the G&U cast.

And in the meantime, if you want a fun G&U refresher that takes a lot less time than rereading all the back issues, head on over here!



Lelaina Pentheus

Sophomore at Troy University. Apparently has a Greek God for a parent or two. Hermes is her guardian. She used to date Linden, but now she might be into Simon   . . . Her hands have a tendency to glow. And hurt.




Lelaina and Lucy's best friend, Anthony's sister. The free spirit who doesn't let anything bother her. She might have more to do with Lelaina's heritage than Lelaina knows.


BFF of Anneke, and isn't sure what to think about Lelaina. Was having a secret fun affair with Anthony behind Anneke's back . . . until he cheated on her. And then vanished.


Brother of Anneke, works in the Residence Office at Troy University. In love with Lucy. Becomes more and more a target for wrath from the Gods.



Roommate of Neil, ex-boyfriend of Sloane. Lives below Anneke, Lucy, and Lelaina. Big flirt, plays on the Troy volleyball team, likes Lelaina, can't seem to resist Sloane.


Lives with Linden and Sloane. Becomes a good friend to Lelaina. Starts exploring his sexuality by way of Hermes.


Ex-girlfriend of Linden. Hates Lelaina, and doesn't get what Linden sees in her.



Takes Greek Archaeology with Lelaina. Curious about the mysterious history of Troy University, but keeps getting preoccupied by a fascination with Lelaina.


Lelaina's mother. Adopts her when no one else wants the curious, pale baby.



Comes into Lelaina's life to call off his fake impersonator. Dubbed Lelaina's primary guardian and charged with teaching her about her godly heritage. Keeps getting distracted by boys and girls alike.


Shows up on the scene with Hermes and Strife, but stays hidden until she can figure out who Lelaina is, and who does/doesn't have her best interests at heart. Sister of Apollo, who she's desperate to find.


First god to pop up in Lelaina's life. Tries to get her to believe he's Hermes, possibly so he can eat her. Why, is that wrong?


Note-taker and all around scheduler of the gods. Immediately pisses Lelaina off.


God of the Underworld. Also throws killer parties. Slightly socially inept.


Goddess of the Underworld. So sick of Hades's antics.