True Blood is True-ly Awful and I Love It

Lately a lot of people I've been trying to gossip about True Blood with are all "ugh, that show's gotten so bad" and "I just can't bear to watch anymore it's so awful"... "I hate myself just watching it" ....


It's ALWAYS been awful, that's why I LOVE it! I didn't know we could have a whole season of shirtless werewolves and people making out, but they've proved it possible again and again! And now this season, they only take 2 episodes to turn the Big Bad from being the worst dude ever for murdering Sookie's parents TO ... Sookie's new sex partner? Amazing.

Plus, how can you not love this guy --

Rutger Hauer materializing as a cross between Einstein and Betty White?? Even better than Kristy Swanson and Corey Feldman AND Andrew from Buffy on the vampire episode of Psych.

Also, Jessica bingeing on tween fairy blood - PERFECT. And it goes without saying, but -- PAM??

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