Bmore Into Comics

Eeeeeeep I'm so excited!

A couple of months ago I was chatting with Joey Weiser at Emerald City Comic Con about one convention vs. another and what our experiences have been exhibiting comics in different venues. He  described Fluke as a particularly fun show, which I've never attended but heard about -- it's a small, local show which is one day and primarily features local comics creators/students of SCAD. From there we commiserated about some of our small, beloved shows of the past (remember when SPX had it's own cute boutique bar downstairs?) which have since grown to epic proportions and lost their small, neighborhoody feel.

Now, of course, I LOVE that comics have grown and expanded their popularity base. One of my favorite con moments happened a few years ago, when exhibiting at Baltimore Comic Con for the first time. At that one show I witnessed  far more women, kids, and families than I'd ever seen in my 10+ years of going to shows. Comics were expanding, more people were checking them out, AWESOME.

And as awesome as this is, and in people finding their "in" to getting interested in comics (movies, tv shows, cosplay, etc) I felt like it might also be nice to have more frequent, casual shows in people's neighborhoods. Like Fluke, taking the idea of holding a smaller show, populated with local creators, and held in a local venue in the hopes that people who've not yet discovered the magic of comics might just wander into on a weekend afternoon.

So in other words ... what about having comics creators exhibiting their work in a bar??

Therefore I'm thrilled to announce the start of BMORE INTO COMICS, a series of local comics shows in/around Baltimore that I am currently organizing (harassing) local comics peeps and businesses into participating in.



The first one will be taking place Saturday, August 24th from 12 - 5:00 pm at Bad Decisions, an amazing bar in Fells Point which doubles in providing sophisticated, creative cocktails AND bacon. Yup, I didn't make that up. Sophisticated + bacon. The stellar line-up of creators will be:  Rafer Roberts, Danielle Corsetto, Melody Often, Howie Noeldechen, and Carolyn Belefski!

Here's the FB event page and click here to visit the website! (it's brand new, so pardon the emptiness). Tell your friends, bring your kids, and get ready to sidle up to a fantastic bar for a drink and some comics.

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