Bmore Into Comics #3

Saturday, May 17th 12:00 - 4:00

It's time for our next installment of Bmore Into Comics!

Created last year, Bmore Into Comics is a series of small, one-day shows stocked with local comics creators and set in bars in/around Baltimore. If you're a localite, come out this Saturday from 12 - 4:00 to Hampden's new Belgian Beer Bar De Kleine Duivel. We'll have comics creators, books for sale, banter, and oh yeah - a TON of specialty beers! I'll be there with all my books and prints in tow!

Here's the list of creators on tap (GET IT? TAP? Because there'll be beer?? Ok, I'll slink away now):

(and of course, me!)

Click on the event page and join us!

Can't wait to see you guys and toast to comics!

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Kick-Ass Women: Kima Greggs

Yes, I am a Baltimorean, and no, I haven't finished watching The Wire yet. I actually started watching mid-season 4, where my boyfriend was, and then backtracked to watch season 1. Kind of unorthodox, I know - way to ruin the surprises, Monica!

Anyhoo, the moment I first saw Kima Greggs I knew she was a badass. She was wearing a suit and heels, driving around the projects in her unmarked police car, and because she thought something was up, she got out of the car and entered a drug dealer's house. Through the back door, gun drawn, by herself. BADASS. I was convinced this would be the last we'd see of her character, or we'd hear something come over the radio during another scene that would alert us to the fact she'd been shot. But no. This is KIMA. Instead, she was back at her desk, casually sitting there, having gone into that drug house without back-up and single handedly arrested the suspects. Yessss.

So now I'm slowly working my way through Season 2, and after Season 1, I know that Kima also happens to be invincible. Can't wait to see what else she gets up to through the course of the show!

And Sonja Sohn, who plays Kima, is pretty impressive herself - she opened up Re-Wired for Change, a non-profit to help kids in troubled circumstances break the cycle of violence/incarceration.

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Derby Portraits

Last weekend I was commissioned by some friends/fellow Charm City Roller Girls alums/Night Terrors to create a derby portrait for the magnificent PAIGE FAULT, who is sadly moving out of our fair city of Baltimore .... *sniff sniff*. I love doing derby portraits, and this one was especially fun - not just because I know/love Paige, but I also know her penchant for all things ridiculously cute.

If any of you out there are interested in a derby portrait, give me a holler!

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The Secret Fashion Underground

My friend and I hit up the Boutique Warehouse Sale Spring Preview Party last night in Timonium - a sneak peek at what local designers would be releasing for spring. We've only just started dabbling in the Baltimore/DC Fashion Scene, having made previous visits to a Preview Sale in DC (that was a mobhouse, but featured tons of good food and wine) and Baltimore Fashion Week's Runway show (which was painfully awkward and featured Miss Maryland scolding the crowd for not clapping enough). We were tipped off to this party by one of my favorite stores - Doubledutch Boutique, so I knew it was worth checking out. There was champagne at the door, and pizza and teeny cupcakes, and an assortment of racks from various stores in the area - clothes, bath supplies, jewelry, and shoes. I always tend to find these situations a bit overwhelming - not knowing where to look first or what to try on. There were some drool-worthy shoes wayyy out of my price range ($333) and a DKNY skirt I almost talked myself into buying, but didn't ($173). Then I tripped over the curtain that disguised the dressing room area, tearing it down and exposing several women mid-outfit change to all the shoppers ... and figured it was time to leave.

In the end, I bought these cute little shorts from Liza Byrd Boutique:

They'll be perfect for spring/summer (even though it's supposed to snow tomorrow).

Going to these sorts of shopping events just makes me hungry for more -- anyone know where to find the super secret shopping sales in Baltimore? Anyone know the handshake to get in??