Rollergirl Dustbunny Service

Tonight at practice the roller rink benefited from the rare and glorious cleaning service of rollergirls. We split up into partners to participate in the dreaded falls & sprawls (which basically means you skate fast and fall all the way to your belly, then get up and skate fast again for like ... forever) over and over until all our sparkly rollergirl flare was gray, and the rink was spotless. Ugh. It's a tough job ... we don't trade up our special rollergirl powers for just any task. Then we did Blood & Thunder, which is the "last man standing" drill of derby. Objective: Get out there and hit bitches until you're the last one left. The catch: If you get knocked down, you're out. So I immediately went after one target, bounced off of her, and she retaliated and took us both out. Blood & Thunder over. I was, however, extremely proud to see my fellow meaties out there up against some of the toughest rollergirls in our league, narrowly escaping hit after hit! It was like watching the Tyrannosaurs Rexes of the world chasing down the Triceratopses (Were the T-Rexes their predators? I have no idea) and getting nothing for dinner that night. It was natural selection.