Print Prepping Away

The 2nd wave of con season is almost at hand! For me, I've got TWO local shows back to back in September (Baltimore Comic Con, followed by SPX), an appearance at New York Comic Con in October, and oh yeah that little local show I'm organizing in a bar on August 24th. What makes it extra fun is all the out-of-state traveling I'll be doing between now and then. Yippee!

Luckily I enjoy coming up with little crafty goodies I can sell alongside my comics, so here's a preview of some new things I'm whipping up for the fall shows.

Lately I love making these little hanging prints - i.e. prints that you can hang anywhere you want - on a bulletin board, a fridge, a rear view mirror, etc. In the past I've only done some of my animal prints:

So I thought, hey, why not do some Bonnie ones??

Since logistically I couldn't fit the WHOLE strip on my little wood flats, I've taken a couple of choice one-panel frames of some of my favorite moments. Here's what the back looks like:

Also, I'm making some regular ol' prints of Bonnie ย - an 8 x 10 of Work Bonnie and a 5 x 7 Vacay Bonnie. Now I just need to come up with a Beast Mode Bonnie . . .

So if you're going to be around at either Baltimore or SPX, come by and check out all the Bonnie prints! And if you can't be at those shows, I'll let you know once I've put them up online for sale! :D

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