Greek Gods According to Disney

I was watching the Disney Hercules movie the other day on Netflix and was checking out the line-up of gods they had in one of the background scenes in Mount Olympus ...

I came across a few problems - two Ares's or two Apollo's? The Ares on the right looks fierce enough, but his helmet is kind of sunshiney glowy and he's got a sun on his chest. Shrimpy, ironic Ares on the left . . . well I don't know who else that could be. Also, I like that Poseidon has no role in this movie since it's all about a fight between his two bros Zeus and Hades. Sorry middle brother, you're sitting out this round. Look at his face, he's totally offended.

And just look how happy Persephone is, since no one's told her she has to go down to be Hades's main squeeze yet.

Or maybe it's that huge martini glass she's holding that's making her - OH. I just realized this is Hebe, the cupbearer of the gods. Whoops. It was the flower hat that threw me.

Okay then that makes it even MORE annoying - you go to all the trouble to show Hebe, and HELIOS fer cryin' out loud, who most people don't exist, but yet WHERE THE EFF IS ARTEMIS??

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