please enjoy

I have other things I'd rather talk about ... like surviving my second bout, woo hoo! Which I wasn't as terrified to participate in as my first bout, but it was still pretty intimidating. Luckily, playing first helped. As did the fact that the rest of my team was awesome and on the ball. I think I did one useful thing, and maybe made one person on the opposing team fall down. (I also took a spectacular fall in front of my parents and allowed myself to be trapped at the back of the pack, but c'est la vie). All in all I'm trying to be more positive and stop thinking of myself as a derby individual and instead as a derby member. I think that will help.

Right now I'm exhausted from work and frustrated and feeling overwhelmed with everything. . . . I feel like there should always be a balance (hey, I'm a Libra) between work, play, home life, and interests. Lately it's been all work and responsibility and obligations and I find it smothering. I think the tendency is to assume that work is the most important because it pays the bills. When in reality, home life is the most important because it involves the people who love you and regenerate you. I need to remember that.