Frustration Station

Tonight my captain gave me a great piece of advice - "Stop saying that you suck." She is totally right -- I need to stop focusing on the people who treat practice like it's a waste of time ("What? Is this supposed to be hard?") and start focusing on making tiny progress in my own skills. It's weird that not only is derby a game that plays offense and defense simultaneously, but so much of practice is solitary focus and improvement and the entire game is teamwork. I had no idea it would be this complicated.

One thing that does show progress? Two more of the fresh meats I tried out with got drafted today! So exciting for them. It's a big moment (at least in our league) when you finally feel part of a team. It's only then that you really feel like you can start focusing on improving in general, and not just keeping up with the Joneses. So yay - go Fresh Meat Class of August 2009!!