Oh Snap! Clothes Challenge!

I , like most of you, have a day job. And though I like my job, love the people I work with, think my company's great, and have been there for a quite a while now ... the tedium of working in a cubicle from 9-5 during the week can really wear on me. Let's just say I work with brilliant people in a drab environment. Most people there view creativity as some exotic animal that they fear and respect but make damn sure not to get too close to just in case they catch anything from it. So, over the years, I've come to realize that I tend to wear a different combination of clothes to work every day in order to add some spice to my routine. And I really really try to avoid every wearing the same combination twice. This has led to some complications, lots of money dropped at Target on clothes I wear only once, and general misery over always wanting and spending more, more, more on clothes.

Then, this past summer a friend of mine told me about a bunch of different ladies from different fashion blogs doing a 30-for-30 Challenge. The challenge was that you could pick tops, bottoms, skirts, pants, shoes, etc. but you could only have 30 of them for 30 days ... and that was it. FORCED remixing and creativity. A pretty terrifying thought, and my friend and I only did it during the work week (and the two of us work 4 days a week, so it was really a 30 for 16 challenge - and it was hard). The plusses were we got dressed a lot quicker in the mornings, found new ways to wear things, had less laundry to do. The minuses were that we got really sad and out of ideas by the end of it, and worried that people noticed we were wearing the same items again and again.

But of course no one noticed (again - brilliant people in a drab environment, picture Jeans Fridays being the peak of fashion excitement...) and by the end of it, I got rid of half of my wardrobe. I dontated tons of clothes that I would never be willing to be stuck with wearing over and over for 30 days. After just one month I got a lot more sensible with what I tried on and what I was willing to spend money on. Sure, a lot of this probably sounds frivolous to some people, but I consider my clothes as having a direct and positive influence on my life and well-being. Plus it's fun to challenge yourself in tiny increments! Not to mention save money for where it should go - vacation, hollah!

So anyway. It's time for a new 30-for-30, the Winter Version on this blog by the lovely Kendi, starting February 1st. I tried to be a bit braver this time around with my choices (the first time was pretty much ALL grays) but as you'll see below, it's still a mite drab. But shutup! I'm doing this for 30 days! F'real people!

In conclusion, when you see pictures of me pop up on this blog every day in different outfits, don't think I've completely lost my marbles. I'm just doing a clothes challenge. And you should too. ;)