NYCC in the Can!

Ahhhhhh I had SUCH a lovely slash exhausting slash wonderful slash tiring slash awesome time at New York Comic Con this weekend! So much so that my dreams last night were full of zombies even though I haven't watched The Walking Dead since season 1. How's that for marketing seeping into your subconscious? So while I'm still recovering over here in sad little Baltimore (seriously, NY is too much - randomly happening upon amazing places to eat and drink every night AND walking by Peter Dinklage on the street? HOW DO YOU PEOPLE LIIIIIIVE), I'll share with you a few of the recap pics and sketches I did over the weekend. Also, I met/hung out with some amazing peeps including Maxine Garbarini (his stuff is GORGEOUS), Matt Loter (designing super fun, feminist games), and Gary Erskine, who's embarking on a MAJOR rollergirl comic series featuring real U.K. skaters. Awesome!

OH YEAH. And Buzzfeed included me in their awesome round-up of 20 Pieces of Advice From Female Artists to Female Artists. Eeeeee!!

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