New York Comic Con Plans!

I'll be sharing a table with amazing comicker/longtime pal Tim Fish at New York Comic Con this weekend, table I-7, yayyy! It'll be my first time exhibiting in Artist Alley, so I'm running around all squirrelly right now, trying to figure out what all to bring (that I can also physically carry). Rest assured I'll at least have some books, prints, and will be doing sketches either in your sketchbook or on my li'l 5x7 bristol boards. Whether I'll be able to finagle my way on the train with my display banner remains to be seen, so please do come to row I since there's a possibility my table won't be that noticeable. I'll try to wear something bright and/or put more lipstick on my face just in case.

You can find me at I-7 from Thursday - Sunday, and at the Oni booth on Saturday from 3 - 4:00. I have a limited supply of Glitter Kiss's left (because apparently I hate planning in advance), BUT if you come visit me at the Oni table then, they should have plenty.

Here are some of the non-comics goodies I'll be bringing!

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