Musical Madness

Recently my boyfriend and I decided to share our favorite musicals with one another. I'm not exactly sure how this came about, but it's an awesome idea. I haven't seen too many musicals in my life, and fewer still that I've been mad about, but I was willing to try out his pick:

I'm pretty familiar with the general love triangle between the three, but I haven't seen too many good examples (my past run-ins with King Arthur merely include First Knight, King Arthur, and random episodes of Gargoyles). I'm pleased to report this one was fantastic. Funny, beautiful, romantic, and tragic all rolled into one. Unfortunately, I wasn't quite sure why Guinevere would choose Lancelot over Arthur but ... oh well.

One thing I was totally smitten with was the look of the film:



I think Design Sponge definitely needs to do a Living In on this movie ...

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