Aw, Snow!

... Aaaaand I'm back in Baltimore! After a SUPER early flight (I had to get up at 3:45 a.m. Austin time, which is definitely obscene), I was thrilled to be greeted by a chilly, gray, and slightly snowy Baltimore. Aw, thanks city weather, you must've missed me! All that complaining I did about the Austin heat was worth it. Seriously though - despite my aversion to warm weather, Austin was as beautiful and awesome as always, and we had a great time at and around Staple. We even started considering the possibility of moving there, romantically pondering over what our Austin selves would be like ... until we heard about "Cedar Fever" and "yellow tailed scorpions". Erh. What.

In case you missed my furious tweeting/posting all weekend, here's a recap of some of the fun sketches I got to do at the show:


I also had a fabulous time on the Women in Webcomics panel with Liz Prince and MariNaomi. Can't wait to read both of their books! And I really liked the fact that we were all in sync on being comics creators, not just female comics creators. I'm pretty confident that the industry will continue to sloooowwwwly get more diverse, but until then, hey - I get to be on panels with cool women.

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