I've developed a recent love of mantras. I used to think they were just stupid, silly sayings people stitched onto pillows or reprinted in greeting cards, applying no real meaning to the words more than "here, I've heard this before, so I'm passing it along". But since lately I've been listening to a LOT of Game of Thrones (re: this post), I noticed how several of the main characters have their own mantras. Whenever they're in trouble or have to endure some latest horrible hardship (which happens, like, every 10 minutes in Game of Thrones World), they always turn back to their mantra and repeat as necessary, and somehow it helps them get through.

Ned - "Winter is coming." Daenerys - "I am the blood of the dragon. If I look back, I am lost." Arya - "Quick as a shadow. Still as cool water." Cersei - "I am a lion." Theon - "I am iron born." Jon - "I am a man of the Night's Watch."

I find the idea of having a simple phrase, that means something that I want to remind myself of or inspire myself to do, oddly soothing. My friend Jessie always says "I can control the effort, but not the outcome". I haven't come up with anything yet, but these below are a good start.

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