Love Letter to Staple!

I'm back! After jetting to Austin for the weekend, and then high-tailing it out of there right before SXSW starts, I'm back home and ready to resume my Clark Kent life. I've got a bunch of things to post as well as the result of my 30-for-3o-ness, but first, here are some of the sketch commissions I did at the show: (Sorry for the crappy quality, I took these with my iPhone. Why did I bring my nice camera along but forget its battery? Because I'm a genius)

First up: Jubilee!

Next was a sketch for a sweet guy who just wanted "something romantic" featuring him & his girlfriend ...

And finally, a Lady Cop ... I wasn't sure if they wanted a super-sexy cop or what, so I just drew her kind of tongue-in-cheek:

And then got around to inking her, too!

I also did a sketch of Ed from Shaun of the Dead but forgot to take a picture of it. Boo. To make up for it, we watched the movie on the plane ride home. :) But this is just one of the many many reasons why I heart Staple - besides the fact that everyone in Austin is adorable and nice, they want me to do sketches for them, to boot!